Exercise Heart Rate Info

For most non athletes, 70 to 80 percent maximum heart rate is an appropriate aerobic training zone. The simple way to calculate this heart rate target is by using this formula:

  • 220 - (Your age) x 0.85

According to this formula, a forty year old 85% maximum hearty rate is 153. However, individual heart rates vary and your own maximum heart rate may be as much as fifteen points higher or lower. In addition to the other reasons for taking an exercise stress test, this type of examination allows even greater personalization of heat rate training zones.

To fine tune your efforts (or monitor your exertion without checking your pulse) pay attention to how your body feels. Are you feeling a little out of breath? You should be huffing a little but not gasping for air. Can you talk? You should be able to speak in short sentences but not hold long conversations. Are you working hard? You should feel as though you're pushing yourself but not as though you're about to keel over.

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