Health Improvement

Without straining the muscles, Healthy Vibes vibration exercise machine trains muscle, joints, tendons, connective tissue and fascia.

Flexibility, strength and mobility of the entire body is greatly improved. Recovery speed of muscle fatigue is improved.

It is effective in people with partial fat (abdomen, lower or upper body fat), who lack exercise, are obese and those requiring rehabilitative exercise.

It can be used effectively for athletic training for strength gain as it is superior to conventional weight training.

Healthy Vibes Vibration Exercise Machine:

The high frequency fiber contraction of muscles lead to intense muscle work and increased metabolism:

Joints, Tendons, Connective Tissue

Through increased soft tissue circulation passively nourished tissues improve:

Cardiovascular System

Intense leg workouts improve vein circulation to upper body. Results can be compared to workouts of 4 times the intensity of conventional training methods:


Increases in Testosterone growth hormone and decrease in cortisol levels were proven in studies conducted by Marco Cardinale in "The Effects of Vibration on Human Performance and Hormonal Profile " - refer to Research Section:


With the increase in blood circulation and growth hormone the effects of skin aging is being slowed and drainage is promoted to the capillary vessels and lymph ducts:


Weight Management

Strongly aids weight loss due to increased metabolism and is highly effective if combined with healthy eating habits:

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