Nutrition Advice

Nutrition Advice

Our team at Healthy Vibes is only too happy to give you some lifestyle advice regarding nutrition. We do not promote dieting rather we educate individuals to embrace a healthy lifestyle. This includes vibration training, cardio training and dietary advice.

At Healthy Vibes we work with our clients to assist them in achieving their goals. If those goals include weight loss, we discuss eating habits and give tips and hints to promote a more balanced food intake.

Our advice is based on the "Zone" theory by Barry Sears, PH.D. promoting healthy choices around balanced meals with low GI foods: carbohydrates, protein and high quality fats and oils to provide the body with all the essential nutrients.

If individuals have more specific needs or would like some "one on one" time a booking with our qualified naturopath is only a phone call away. She invests a half hour consultation with the person to ascertain their specific needs and to exclude what might be in the way of their weight loss or gain. If she suspects any underlying health issues the consultation can be extended into urine testing - to check digestive tract health, or saliva testing for progesterone levels. This way it can normally be determined how weight loss or gain can be achieved.

For further assistance Healthy Vibes has produced a small booklet which contains basic information on nutrition for weight loss/weight gain which can be purchased for a small fee of $3.00. Healthy Vibes also conducts public "Nutrition Information Nights" for further information and discussion.

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